Upick has been a tradition at Love Apple Farm for over 5o years! With 80 acres of berries, peaches and apples, we invite you to join us in June through October to create memories for your family.  The Orchard during UPICK season is open from 8:30am till 4:30 pm. All guests must check-in at the market before entering the orchards. The Orchard is shared by many visitors-please be considerate of others and  adhere to all guidelines. Our fruit is sprayed, so please do not eat from the fields. 


Due to NYS Health & Safety Guidelines NO DOGS are allowed in the Orchard or Playground areas. 

Love Apple Farm Apple picking


Check -in at the market to purchase your UPICK BAG.  Our staff will go over any questions you might have and provide you with a detailed map outlining designated picking areas. You must pick ONLY in designated areas. We do NOT allow outside containers, bag, baskets, etc. and there are NO refunds on any purchased UPICK bags.


Family Size:       $35 per 1/2 Bushel Bag-fits up to 25 lbs 

Kid Size:               $15 per 1/2 Peck-fits up to 10 lbs 

Fruit that is not authorized to be picked will be charged at $10/lb. 

To prepare for your visit, download our map and harvest calendar. Please note that weather conditions affect our crops.  Contact us for updates or come in and find out what's ripe.


In order to make this a pleasant experience for everyone, please adhere to our policies and recommendations.

Protect Yourself + Others



New York State Law requires visitors to WEAR A MASK at all times.


 MAINTAIN 6 FEET SOCIAL DISTANCING.  Parents must keeP their children with them at all times.


 NO DOGS are allowed in our orchards, playground area or farm market. Only leashed dogs are allowed on our outside patio and parking lot area.


 NO CARS allowed at any time. Guests with special needs must make a reservation in advance.


 LARGE GROUPS  must make a reservation in advance


 WASH YOUR HANDS before and after picking fruit.


 STAY HYDRATED AND WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING.  It's very hot in the fields. Have fun...be safe.


 PLEASE DO NOT EAT WITHOUT PAYING FOR FRUIT.  It's dishonest and unhealthy since our fruit it sprayed.

Protect Our Farm


DO NOT PICK UNRIPE FRUIT...IT HARMS THE TREE.  An apple is ripe when you twist it and it easily comes off the branch. 

ONLY PICK IN DESIGNATED AREAS. Only pick what is readily available.

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For your safety the grounds are monitored at all times. Please respect our staff and property.

UPICK availability changes week to week

Follow us on Facebook for the latest information.

Actual dates vary as much as two weeks due to weather conditions and other factors. It's always best to call the farm earlier than your expected date of arrival to verify the status of the product you are interested in picking.

Love Apple Farm reserves the right to ask any party to leave if their actions and non-compliance to our policies are deemed unsafe to others. Visitors may be refused admission if weather conditions or safety factors may prevent a welcoming experience.

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