Open 8:30am - 4:30pm Daily

Visit  Little Bit- the pony, Salt 'n Peppa- the sheep, Autumn and Alexander the goats and Ponchito-our donkey!


Open all year ‘round and free, the animals are waiting for you to visit and offer up some great hugs. Located by our pond and in front of the playground, get ready to be butted, nudged and muddied. Morgan the Llama and Lil Bit are senior citizens—so please be gentle! 

PLEASE for everyone's health & safety--DOGS ARE PROHIBITED on the playground/ zoo area and the orchards! 

Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to allow visitors inside the pen.  Feel free to greet the animals at the fence line. 

Do NOT enter the zoo approach the animals from outside the fence. Anyone entering the zoo without permission will be asked to  leave the farm immediately.

Do NOT allow children to ride the animals .. it can be very stressful to them. 

DO wear a mask.

DO limit your stay to 30 minutes.

DO have fun, take pictures and post to Instagram and Facebook.

#loveapplefarm #ghentny


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